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Ascent Aspirations Spring 2011 Anthology

Poetry/Flash Fiction Contest: Contributors and Prize Winners List Announced Below

The anthology will be published by April 2011. Advanced Orders are being accepted now. Email


Spring 2011 Work

We have decided to create one anthology a year in the spring and for this year we have massaged the theme and are open to your best and most exciting work within our guidelines. We still like the theme of work and social issues related to work and daily life. After all no matter what we are doing in life, work is definitely involved. So you can bend and twist your material to fit the theme. In other words interpret the theme very broadly and come at it from whatever direction you wish.

Poems or prose can be widely viewed in terms of work; we all work in some fashion, even the animals and plants in their own way so that opens it up to nature. Lovers work at being and staying in love. The theme doesn't have to deal with the traditional nine to five.

Contest closing date was November 10th, 2010 (Cover Art Tentative)

The anthology (ISBN) will be judged and compiled for the spring of 2011. Email

The publication will be a perfect-bound book (ISBN rather than ISSN) with a glossy art designed cover.

Contributors' List

Becky Alexander for "Seeds", "Scandal at Seven Hills" and "Waiting"
Richard Arnold for "Galileo's Daughter"
Diane Attwell Palfrey for "Moonlighting"
Helen Bar-Lev for "The Southern Ocean" and "Dear Boss"
John Barta for "Spider" and Two Cuts from the Group Home - B2"
Doug Beardsley for "Workin'" and "Making Piece Work"
Annette Bower for "Mercy"
Howard Brown for "Across the Bridge to Nowhere"
April Bulmer for "Man of the Cloth"
Jane Byers for "Vegatarian"
Andres Castro for "Work Experience: 1968 to 1998" and "Last Watch at The Metropolitan Museaum of Art"
Sue Chenette for "Weight" and "Souvenir"
Jay Chollick for "The Sweat Palace" and "The Georgies: Or My New ID"
Kim Clark for "Mechanical Age; Shared Territories with a Son" and "Rough Draft"
Terry Dalrymple for "The Boy"
Vicki Dryborough for "First Impressions" and "Quitting Time at Franklin River"
Graham Ducker for "Painting the Crossroad"
Daniela Elza for "Asphalt Spring" and "EFL Lesson"
Alvin G. Ens for "In Harness"
Peggy Fletcher for "Limited Funds"
Kim Goldberg for "Growth Industry" and "Visitation"
James "Bo" Gorcesky for "Teachers are Professionals (But When We Aren't, Kids Can Get Away With Murder)"
Jill Harrington-Fox for "Measuring Shadows"
Ruth Hill for "Split Second" and "Whittler"
Julie Ellinger Hunt for "Bitter Worker Bee"
Keith Inman for "Say"
Sarah Johnson for "In Defense of the Five-second Rule"
Brianna Kent for "Paint Your Way Out"
Shari A. Koopman for "Today's Lessons: Staying Dry"
Sue Littletonfor "Drouth in West Texas"
Dan Lundine for "They Rise Again", "This is the Corral", and "Hometown Heroes"
Kathryn MacDonald for "Kneading"
Keith McIvor for "Older"
Susan McCaslin for "The Dog Didn't Eat My Homework", "Hurry Up, Please, It's Time To" and "A Retirement Catalogue"
S.A. McCormick for "Blue Collar Artist"
Leanne McIntosh for "Fifteen Minutes of Fame" and "Evening Canticle"
Michelle McLean for "Rigor Mortis" and "Customer Service"
Caroline Misner for "Pickling" and "The Bean Picker"
Marie Brock Moore for "Mister Tot at Walmart"
Judith Nealefor "Marking Time in Ward 233" and "Her Small Breath"
Burgess Needle for "In the Mill"
Debbie Okun Hill for "Bull Dozing Consumers"
Katie O'Sullivan for "Cavities"
Gary Pierluigi for "Night Shift"
M E Powell for "After Work at Four in the Morning" and "They're Boarding Up the IGA Today"
David Radavich for "Princton Days"
Michelle Retterath for "Details"
Mary Rykov for "Case Closed"
Mary Sander "The Leather Cutter"
Frank T. Sikora for "Here We Are"
Johnmichael Simon for "Barbara Ann"
Beth Skala for "Supermom"
K.V. Skene for "Only Yesterday"
Patricia Smekal for "Early Childhood Education: 1956" and "Housetrained"
Sophie Soil for "Description for All That Bears Negation"
Nellie Strowbridge for "A Fisherman's Daughter 1960"
Lynn Tait for "Hang Time" and "Office Hours"
The Poet Spiel for "Looking at the Floor"
Wendy Visser for "Traveling Salesman"
Naomi Beth Wakan for "Pilgrimage"
Robert Walton for "Home Fries"
Vernon Waring for "The Proofreader"
Cristy Watson for "Vale Tudo (After Hours)"
Norma West Linder for "The Love Letter"
S.J. White for "Research and Development"
Jan Wood for "An Ultimate Obsenity" and "Selling My Books at My First Show"
Ed Woods for "Mercy Flight"
Y.L. Wu for "Wiped" and "I'm Not Artistic"

Prize Winners' List

First Prize for Poetry - $100 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology

Shari A. Koopman for "Today's Lesson: Staying Dry"

First Prize for Flash Fiction - $100 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology

Terry Dalrymple for "The Boy"

Second Prize for Poetry - $50 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology

Kim Goldberg for "Growth Industry"

Second Prize for Flash Fiction - $50 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology

Frank T. Sikora for "Here We Are..."

Third Prize for Poetry - $25 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology

Nellie P. Strowbridge for "A Fisherman's Daughter 1960"

Third Prize for Flash Fiction - $25 (CND) & 1 copy of the anthology

Dan Lundine for "Hometown Heroes"

Plus 6 - $10 (CND) honourable mention awards with 1 copy of the anthology

Plus all additional contributors in the collection will receive one copy of the anthology.

Honourable Mentions

Becky Alexander for "Waiting"
Vicki Drybrough for "First Impressions"
Jill Harrington-Fox for "Measuring Shadows"
M E Powell for "After Work at Four in the Morning"
Patricia Smekal for "Early Childhood Education: 1956"
Robert Walton for "Home Fries"

The goal is for the contest to generate the costs for publishing the anthology. If the entry fees and sales of the anthology exceed the costs, then the additional money will be used to fund future print anthologies with prize money being more widely distributed among all the authors who appear in the anthology.

Rules & Guidelines:

The anthology will contain poetry and flash fiction.  

Poems and flash fiction can be published elsewhere as long as the author holds the copyright or unpublished and not sent elsewhere. Submit your poem(s)/flash fiction with a brief bio by e-mail to

In the subject heading say Spring 2011 Work Anthology.

By mail with your contest fee include a cover page with the poem(s)/flash fiction title(s) and the first line beside each title, your name, address, phone number and e-mail. IN ADDITION ALSO INCLUDE EACH POEM/FLASH FICTION ON A SEPARATE PAGE WITHOUT YOUR NAME. We will be using the printed copies of your poems for judging and the electronic copies sent by email for the designing of the book pages should you be included in the anthology.

 Maximum length of each poem is 60 lines and spaces between the stanzas count as lines. The maximum length for flash fiction is 800 words.

Contest fee: $5 for one poem or 3 poems for $10. $10 for each piece of flash fiction. You can send as many poems/flash fiction pieces as you wish.

Send your entry information, and POEMS/FLASH FICTION with payment to:

either David Fraser, or Ascent Aspirations Publishing

1560 Arbutus Drive

Nanoose Bay, BC

V9P 9C8

Please do not send a SASE as in the past, as we will be publishing the winners' list on the web and will notify everyone.

All submissions will remain the copyright of the author.

*Additional copies of the perfect-bound anthology will be available at time of publication.

Retail Prices without shipping costs $18.95 CND/18.95 US

 The prices of additional copies including shipping and handling are as follows:

In Canada and USA ($19.95 CND and 22.95 US)

To Other International Destinations ($24.95 US)

Advanced Ordering of the Spring 2011 Issue can be done by email.

Pricing at this point is an estimate based on current postal rates and may be subject to slight changes without notice when advanced ordering is announced.

Help make the Spring 2011 Anthology a successful not-for–profit venture.

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