Featured Writer: Teresa Chuc Dowell


Edible moon
Two crescents stuck together
Though the moon outside
Is whole and blue! Tonight
I have my half circles
Little, tasty smiles
On New Year’s eve

A swing’s upward path
Held between my index finger
And thumb

A small boat on the lake
Of my tongue

Disappears one by one

Above – a full moon
made of a cashew
Split into two

Teresa Chuc Dowell teaches English literature and writing at a public high school in Los Angeles. Her poetry has been published in journals such as the National Poetry Review, Verse Daily, and miller’s pond (online) and her creative nonfiction have been published in journals such as Memoir Journal, Sugar Mule, and Mosaic. Teresa’s poem, "Names", is forthcoming in the anthology Poets of the American West (Many Voices Press, 2010). Teresa earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and is currently working on an MFA in Creative Writing (poetry) at Goddard College in Vermont.

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