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Michael Fahy

Email: Michael Fahy

R. Edward Farber

Edward Farber has returned to his first love, fiction, after a lifetime of writing non-fiction--newspaper, advertising,public relations. Now that he is "retired", he is at the computer more than ever and loving every minute.Two of his stories appeared in Artisan,one a prize winner in their short story contest. Another appeared online in EWG Presents,and Cricket Magazine just accepted his first stab at a children's story.


Joseph A. Farina

Joseph A. Farina practices law in his hometown of Sarnia, Ontario. His poetry has appeared in the Alberta Poetry Yearbook, and in the newsletter of the Association Italian Canadian Writers. He won second prize in the Sarnia Observer "My Hometown" contest for his essay "My New Home Town." Several of his poems have been published in Green's Magazine and in Quills. Email

Claire Farley

Claire Farley is from the beautiful Outaouais region in Quebec but is currently living in Toronto and working on a MA in the Literatures of Modernity program at Ryerson University. Though she has loved and written poetry, fiction and publication are recent endeavours. She is interested in the poetics of space and loves reading and writing out-of-doors. Email: Claire Farley

Joseph Farley

Joseph Farley edited Axe Factory for 23 years. His books include Suckers, For The Birds, The True Color of You and Longing For The Mother Tongue. Email: Joseph Farley

Mathew Fasullo


Mathew Fasullo holds a BFA in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria. He currently writes stories from his kitchen table in Edmonton, Alberta and is terrified of someday having a daughter like Maggie. You can find his work in Hoot Review and online at The Glass Typewriter Email: Mathew Fasullo

Rana Abduel Fatah
Rana Abduel Fatah is a third year English literature student in Damascus,Syria.

E.M. Fay

Eileen Fay is a freelance writer and former elementary teacher who is working only part time at home now as she looks after her 91-year old Mother full time. She has lived abroad (British Isles) for five years, and in Las Vegas and Southern Calif., as well, although she is a native New Yorker with an intermittent hankering for life in B. C. and/or the Maritimes. Email

Tom Feeny:

Thomas Feeny teaches Italian and Spanish literature in Raleigh, NC. His collection NIGHT INTO DAY was published by Mellen Poetry Press back in the 1990's. Among the magazines that have carried Tom Feeny's poetry are Hiram Poetry Review, Event,Malahat Review and Blue Unicorn. Email: Tom Feeny

Gene Fehler


Gene Fehler can usually be found playing 80 or so baseball and softball games a year, writing, collecting and reading books, playing games with his wife, or walking our two toy poodles. Email: Gene Fehler

Richard Fein

Joseph Ferguson


Email: Joseph Ferguson

Ian Ferrier


Ian Ferrier is one of the core poet/performers in the North American performance literature scene. Rooted in poetry, his live performances are a haunting blend: some pieces are performed with acoustic guitar, others with choir; some are whispered and others wail to the trancelike music of a band called Pharmakon. He appears across Canada, in New York and in Europe, and his signature is the quiet voice at the centre of every poem.

Planète Rebelle Press released his first CD & poetry book-Exploding Head Man-to national acclaim. The National Post called it "a musical-score lament for a movie that never was; a movie starring a new breed of fearless poet/magicians doing their best version of Kerouac's rediscovered yelp: EE-Yah!"

This past fall his new CD-What is this Place-was released by Vancouver's Bongobeat Records. HOUR Magazine called the release "spoken word at its finest."

Mr. Ferrier also co-founded the poetry/music label Wired on Words-which won public radio's Standard Broadcasting Award in its first year. His work can be heard regularly on CBC and other public radio stations.

Selected Publications
Exploding Head Man (Planète rebelle, 2000) ISBN: 2-922528-08-1
What Is This Place (Bongobeat Records, 2007)
From yr Lover like an Orchestra (Vehicule, 1974)
Web Site

Email: Ian Ferrier

Deborah Finch

Deborah Finch lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband and daughter and makes her living as a research biologist and technical writer. Nature has been a primary influence. Her poetry appears in online and print journals including Avocet, Owen Wister Review (OWR), Santa Fe Poetry Broadside, Mentress Moon, Moongate Internationale, The Dragonfly Review, 3rd Muse, 2River View, Salt River Review, FZQ, Melic Review, Poems Niedergnasse, and others. She won first place in the Rocky Mountain Collegiate Press Association Journal Competition for poems published in OWR.

Julie Finch


Julie Finch lives in Houston, Texas. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin where she majored in communications, minored in English. She worked for many years as an advertising copywriter. Today, she makes a living in the staffing industry, and writes as often as she can. Some of her favorite writers include Rainer Maria Rilke, Charles Bukowski, Mary Oliver, Andrew Holleran, Edmund White and many others. Her work has been published by Blazevox, ditch, and now, Agave Magazine. She reveres poetry, and believes it can save a life. Email: Julie Finch

Misha Firer

Misha Firer was born in 1979 in Ulyanovsk, Russia. He lived in Israel, New York and currently resides in Oakland, California. This year, 32 of his short stories appeared in BIG News, In Posse Review, Nuvein, Paumanok Review, Scarlet Letters, Slow Trains, Spoiled Ink, Vestal Review, Word Riot and elsewhere. His short story “Prayer Notes” (Rose & Thorn, Fall 2004) was nominated for Pushcart Awards. "Modern Day Invisible Man" appeared in Ascent Aspirations Magazine this year. "The Hunchback" can be considered as its sequel of sorts. Email

Darla Fisher-Odjig (Nadeau)


Darla Fisher-Odjig (Nadeau)I is a First Nations Fine Artist/poet. She is at present compiling 25 years of poetry done during her healing process with images to go with her poetry. She is hoping to reach other trauma survivors and help them through her art and poetry.

Darla Fisher-Odjig (Nadeau)
Canadian Native Fine Artist/Poet
Professional Art Therapist, D.T.A.T.I.
Web Site
Darla Fisher-Odjig (Nadeau)

Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke

Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke is an Australian poet who lives in Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory. His third chapbook, Three Hundred and Sixty-four Paper Boats, is forthcoming from Pudding House. Email: Michael Fitzgerald-Clarke

Ryan Fitzgerald


Ryan Fitzgerald is a writer living in Miami Beach, Florida. He hse had short fiction published in Brushing Art and Literary Journal and nonfiction published in the Orlando Sentinel and at Otownstyle.com. He is at work on a novel. Web Site Email: Ryan Fitzgerald

Timothy J. Flagg


Timothy J. Flagg is currently a program director at the Boys and Girls Club of Montgomery County in Crawfordsville, IN. He designs and implements art and educational after school programs that serve elementary and middle school youth of Montgomery County. He has a passion for serving youth and believes each one of them has the potential to be an extraordinary person and thrives on helping that person manifest his or her greatness.

He writes and paints because the voices inside his head tell him to. Really though, he makes art because it makes him incredibly happy. There is nothing more fulfilling to have an idea come to fruition that before only lived inside your own imagination; and share that idea with others you love and hope to love. He loves art in all of its forms, and is grateful to wake up every day and absorb, create and help others create as much art as possible. Email: Timothy J. Flagg

Ryan Quinn Flanagan


Ryan Quinn Flanagan has recently been published in Quills, Vallum, The New York Quarterly, and The Antigonish Review. He also has pieces appearing in the anthology Lake Effect and has a full length poetry book in print entitled Pigeon Theatre. Email: Ryan Quinn Flanagan

Grant Flint


Grant Flint has appeared in The Nation, Poetry, Weber, Amelia, Slow Trains, Common Ties and other print and online journals. He has recently completed a series of seven memoir/novels. Shy, he does stand-up comedy.Email: Grant Flint

Ralph Flood
Email: Ralph Flood

Sandra Florence


Sandra Florence received her MA in English/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University, and has been writing and teaching in Tucson Arizona for the last thirty some years. She taught at the University of Arizona for 18 years and in a number of community education sites working with refugees, the homeless, adolescent parents, women in recovery and juveniles at risk. She has published scholarly articles on Writing and Healing, and Writing and Public Dialogue. Additionally she has published creative work in Sandscript, amphibi, InDigest, Red Booth Review, Write from Wrong, Women inREDzine, The Mom Egg, and others. She currently teaches at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona.
Email: Sandra Florence

Mike Florian


Mike Florian is an active business owner located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. He writes in the middle of the night when things are calm and quiet. His work has been published previously in The Oddville Press and Word Riot. Email: Mike Florian

C. B. Forrest


C. B. Forrest lives in Ottawa. His short fiction won an award in the 2004 Canadian Authors Association Short Story Contest (National Capital Region), and he has twice won awards in the Ottawa Public Library Short Story Contest. His poetry most recently appeared in Bywords. He is currently compiling a chapbook of poetry.

Email: C. B. Forrest

Cindy Forsburg


Cindy Forsburg's poems have appeared in various publications including South Dakota Magazine, South Dakota Review, SubtleTea (forthcoming), Twilight Times, and the Vermillion Literary Project. She is a college instructor and small business owner in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Email

Michael Fosburg is a twenty-one year old college student.
Email: Michael Fosburg

Barbara Foster

Barbara Foster is an Associate Professor and research librarian at CUNY. She is co-author of three highly acclaimed books, including the biographies Forbidden Journey (Harper/Collins) and The Secret Lives of Alexandra David-Neel (third printing Overlook, 2007). The New York Times reviewed her biography of David-Neel favorably on three occasions: the "Bear in Mind" column called it "a wonderful biography," and "New and Noteworthy" stated: "Hers was a great human life very well written up." The New York Review of Books rated the biography "one of the best books of all-time."

Barbara is a world traveler in the tradition of the heroic women she writes about. She has acted as a referee for Britain's Royal Geographical Society. Barbara has lectured on David-Neel (the French explorer of Tibet) at universities, conferences, museums, and libraries worldwide--including Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Cal Tech in the U.S., and Sidney, Buenos Aires, Prague, Mexico City, and Calgary among international venues. Recently she spoke before an unprecedented joint meeting of the Harvard-MIT Club. Barbara has written numerous articles, for print and the Net, both scholarly and popular. These pieces have appeared in Travel and Leisure, the Richmond Review(London),,Drexel Onlline Journal , the North Dakota Quarterly, Journal of the West, Culturefront (Summer 2000), Nineteenth Century (cover story--Spring 2002), Jewish Currents (2006), California Territorial Quarterly(2007),PopMatters as well as on the Net in popular sites dealing with sexuality, such as Nerve, Clean Sheets, Diverse Publications(UK), Ruthie's Club, Phaze anthology, Oysters & Chocolate and Lucrezia(Australia)and ,Sliptongue. Barbara has also published dozens of poems in journals in every English speaking country. Shei is included in Contemporary Authors, WhosWho of American Women. Her website is threeinlove.com.

Barbara is joint author of Three in Love: Menages a Trois from Ancient to Modern Times (HarperSF, 1997), which is presently an Authors Guild Selection available on iUniverse and amazon. The subject of favorable feature stories in the Philadelphia Inquirer and NY's Daily News. Entertainment Weekly praised Three, calling it "racy and engaging"; the Washington Post said: "the first serious study of collective intimacy"; The New Yorker called it "a people's almanac of love triangle lore." Recently, Barbara has been interviewed by the BBC (Channel Four), CBC, ARTE (EU TV-international distribution), S. Korea's SBS-TV, and CBS' 20/20 for TV documentaries on Polyamory, Eve Ensler's latest documentary on love as well as for articles in the New York Post and the Times Literary Supplement. She is at work on a sequel to Three, which will be the definitive study of the history and psychology of plural love. Barbara has completed her intimate memoir of her experiences in New York and other exotic locales.Email: Barbara Foster

Christopher Fournier

Christopher Fournier is a Canadian writer living in Germany. His work has most recently appeared in Another Toronto Quarterly. Email

Richard W. Fox


Richard W. Fox is a university lecturer in astronomy and physics at Governors State University near Chicago. His fiction has appeared in Aim Quarterly, Dana Literary Society Online Journal, and elsewhere. Essays have appeared in a variety of venues, including The Taj Mahal Review, Mercury (publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific), and Ascent Aspirations. He is also co-author of several published astronomical research papers. Email

Tom Fox


Tom Fox is an unpublished author from Denver, Colorado who aspires to be a professional writer. He has written two manuscripts: Why Atheism: A Personal Journey, and Tuesday in the Park, a memoir of a suicide victim. Email: Tom Fox

Clint Frakes


Clint Frakes was selected by Mark Strand as one of the Best New Poets of 2008 for an anthology of the same title through Meridian Press. In 2006 he received the James Vaughan and the Peggy Ferris awards for Poetry. He is a graduate of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at the Naropa Institute, the Northern Arizona University writing program, and received his Ph.D. with emphasis in creative writing from the University of Hawaii in 2006. He has appeared in over fifty journals in North America, England, Australia and Argentina since 1987 with recent work appearing in Bamboo Ridge, Hawaii Pacific Review, Cause and Effect and Language and Culture. He is the former chief editor of Hawaii Review and Big Rain, currently working as a free lance writer and editor in northern Arizona. Email: Clint Frakes

Michael Fraley

Michael Fraley has had poems appear in Parnassus Literary Journal, Pegasus, and online in http://www.tmpoetry.com . He isa resident of San Francisco and a staff member at the University of San Francisco. Email

Greg Frankson a.k.a. Ritallin


Greg Frankson a.k.a. Ritallin< is a Toronto-based spoken word artist, author and arts educator. He is a past National Director of Spoken Word Canada, the co-founder of the SLAMtario Spoken Word Festival, Ontario’s poetry slam championships, and one of the country’s most respected slam poetry organizers. He was a finalist in the national team slam championships with Kingston Pen in 2011 and was the runner-up at the 2012 Canadian Individual Poetry Slam. Ritallin has released three chapbooks and appeared in several poetry compilation recordings. BeWrite Books published his debut poetry collection, Cerebral Stimulation, in 2006, and Greg will release the mental health e-book Lead on a Page in late 2012. His poetry also appears in the spoken word anthologies Mic Check by Quattro Books in 2008 and That Not Forgotten by Hidden Brook Press in 2012. Greg’s recordings include Capital Thoughts in 2005, Poet Psychology Volume I in 2010 and Poet Psychology Volume II in 2011. Since 2007, he has been an active voice in the global mental health movement as the Poet Laureate for the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership. In March 2012, Greg was one of four finalists in CBC’s nationwide search for Canada’s Smartest Person. Through his creative services consultancy Cytopoetics, Greg works with young people in schools and community settings as a presenter and performer, and with businesses and social services organizations as a facilitator, keynote speaker and creative services consultant. Web Site

Email: Greg Frankson a.k.a. Ritallin

Jay Frankston


Jay Frankston was raised in Paris, and came to the U.S. in 1942. He became a lawyer and practiced in New York for 20 years reaching the top of his profession and writing at the same time. In 1972 he gave up law and New York and moved to California where he became a college instructor. He is the nationally published author of several books some of which have been condensed in Reader’s Digest and translated into 15 languages. His book A Christmas Story, a true story, has been read by millions and included in numerous anthologies from Germany to Korea and beyond. His latest book is a short epic novel about Spain with an authentic historical background. It is called El Sereno took ten years and two trips to Madrid.

Email: Jay Frankston

Whole Loaf Books
Email: Jay Frankston

David P. Fraser


David Fraser lives in Nanoose Bay. His poetry has appeared in many journals and anthologies, including Rocksalt, An Anthology of Contemporary BC Poetry. He has published four collections of poetry, most recently Caught in My Throat, and a book of poetry and poetics titled On Poetry, with Naomi Beth Wakan. He is a member of the Canadian League of Poets and is currently the Regional Rep for the Islands for the Federation of BC Writers. David is the editor of Ascent Magazine - Aspirations for Artists (established 1997)Web Site Ascent Aspirations

Paul M. Frasier

Paul M. Frazier, Ph.D. received his B.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in Performance from the University of Michigan - Flint, his M.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in Directing from Michigan State University, and his Ph.D. in Theatre specializing in Directing and Staging from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. His dissertation was titled Patterns in Recent Science Fiction Drama, which was the first scholarly work on the subject of science fiction dramatic literature. His performance credits include roles in Our Town, The Threepenny Opera, Marat/Sade, The Respectful Prostitute, and Guys and Dolls. His directing credits include Macbeth, A Midsummer's Night Dream, and two productions of 'night, Mother.

His publishing credits include a series of newspaper theatre reviews of summer stock productions in the summer of 1985. Additionally, he has presented several scholarly theatre papers at regional and international theatre conferences. He is currently working as a freelance web developer, using Microsoft technologies. Also, he is pursuing a lifelong dream of writing science fiction, fantasy, and horror. He has no publications yet, but he has great hopes.

Dalmazio Frau
Dalmazio web Site

Charles Frederickson


Dr. Charles Frederickson is a Swedish/American/Thai impassioned observer, daring experimentalist and progressive visionary who has wandered intrepidly through 206 countries, an original sketch and poem for each presented on http://www.imagesof.8k.com. A member of World Poets Society, based in Greece, his unique poetic style has been featured in: Ascent Aspirations, Auckland Poetry, Blind Man’s Rainbow, Both Sides Now, Caveat Lector, Contemporary American Voices, Cordite Poetry Review, Dance to Death, Decanto, ESC!, Feelings of the Heart, Flutter Magazine, Greatworks, Green Dove, Indite Circle, International Poet, Listen & Be Heard, Living Poets, Madpoetry, Melange, Newtopia, New Verse News, Peace Not War Japan, Planet Authority, Poetics, Poetry Canada, Poetry of Scotland, Poetry Stop, Poets for Peace, Poetry Superhighway, Pyramid, Sz, T-Zero, Ygdrasil, Ya’Sou! and Zafusy. Contact  

Matt Freese
Email: Matt Freese

Lisa Friedman


Lisa Friedman is a graduate of Carleton College with a degree in American Studies. She is currently in her third year of medical school at Case Western Reserve University. Her essay, “The Application Essay I Never Wrote” was recently published in The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine and her poem “Surgery” was published in the journal Hospital Drive. Her poem, “The First Cut,” appeared in the winter issue of Hektoen International. Email: Lisa Friedman

Mindy Friesen

Mindy Friesen: After achieving the thirtyish phase of life, Mindy Friesen completed her quest and found the perfect coffee mug. She chooses to continue in this phase for some time yet, drinking freshly ground coffee from her stoplight red mug that reminds her in bold white lettering: STAY CALM. She also enjoys drinking coffee from her second favorite coffee mug, which she keeps as an emergency stand-in. Naturally, Mindy Friesen is a well adjusted individual. Email: Mindy Friesen

Thomas Freudiger

K. Edwin Fritz
Web Site

Rebecca Frye

Rich Furman

Rich Furman is a professor in the Department of Social Work at Colorado State University, and has had numerous poems published in literary journals throughout the years. As far as other relevant biographical information, in case you are curious, he enjoys contemplating the meaning of his navel, lives with two terrifying looking yet sweet American Bulldogs, a sweet looking and sometimes terrifying fiancé, and two kids who are as terrifying as banana slugs to a rhinoceros. He has traveled and lived in Central America, and tries to get back as often as he can. He loves to read poetry from the small press, poetry that is real, alive, hits you in the gums and gets out. He loves to receive feedback on his work, if you are so inclined. Rich Furman, Assistant Professor, Department of Social Work, Colorado State University.Email

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