Featured Artist: Don Schaeffer

Don Schaeffer

Don Schaeffer Exhibit 5

Don Schaeffer

Schaeffer Schaeffer
Caumset Meadow



Comsett Park



Schaeffer Schaeffer
Northport Sunset






Schaeffer Schaeffer
Trumpet Flower



Trumpet Flower Photo



Schaeffer Schaeffer
Bug on Fern



Fly on Fern Photo



Don Schaeffer is an amateur poet, photographer, and artist. He has been writing poetry seriously since the early 1990s and exposing his work through internet media. He will have five volumes of poetry when his latest book, A Wish for My Dreamer is released in September or so. Many of his Poems have found their way into print and publication in e-zines. He has been producing visual art all his life. He divides his time between Huntington, NY and Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

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