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After the barlight soft on sweaty faces,
After the Bloody Mary,
After the Zinfandel,
After the Cabernet and the Makerís Mark,

And the ordinary jokes,
And then the Greek joke:

The Cannibal King said: The earth is round,
And the Greek Sailor said: Will you fuck me?

Both interpreting the same symbol--

Then itís out, out, out into the cool and rain,

The girl walking fast,
A cellphone glowing in her pocket,

The El a cannonade above you,

And you are headed homeward, more or less,

And this moment and this hour
Will wheel away
And wheel again,

World without end--

No more nor less
Than peerless Helen,
Or the ships at Mylae,
Or a wind in Nietzscheís hair --

As much as these,

This moment and this hour,

Snugged against the rain,
Waiting for the El.

Equal the words:

World without end


Will you fuck me?

Aaron Baker is a Chicago native, a lawyer, and a college teacher. He lives in Evanston, Illinois with his wife Stephanie and daughter Laura.

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