Featured Writer: C. B. Forrest


Post-it Note for a Daughter

i want to hear your little voice forever
over the telephone

i want you always to crawl
into our sunday morning bed
to curl and spoon
and smell
the sweet flannel of your nightgown

i want you always to believe
in the myth of my unwavering
to see me from the floor up -
the first man you ever knew
and loved

when the day grows long
and i close my eyes
for the last time
let it be your face
that fades
to sunshine

C. B. Forrest lives in Ottawa. His short fiction won an award in the 2004 Canadian Authors Association Short Story Contest (National Capital Region), and he has twice won awards in the Ottawa Public Library Short Story Contest. His poetry most recently appeared in Bywords. He is currently compiling a chapbook of poetry.

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