Ascent Aspirations Magazine

November and December 2014
Volume 18
Number 11 & 12

ISSN 1715-085X

The Crooked Ledge of Another Day
2014 Bizarre Anthology

Short Fiction
Susan Anmuth
George Djuric
Jay Frankston
Anisa Irwin
Liz Laidlaw
David Lawrence
Sue Littleton
Robert Naftal
Vernon Waring

Visual Art

The Art of David Chorlton
The Art of Norman Olson
The Art of Carla Stein
The Art of Scott Strozier

David P. Fraser
Authors Bookstore
A A Publishing
Print Anthologies
Author Links
Anthology Contributors

Gary Beck
Dick Bentley
Scott Blackwell
Doug Bolling
Peter Bracking
Alan Britt
L.M. Browning
Janet Butler
David Chorlton
Holly Day
Jay Frankston
Ruth Hill
Clinton Van Inman
Colin James
Michael Lee Johnson
Michael Keshigian
Matthew Kirshman
Kate Ladew
Lyn Lifshin
Sue Littleton
Sue Littleton (Haiku)
Bruce McRae
Gloria g. Murray
Imogen Rosenbluth
Don Schaeffer
Joseph Spinelli
Andrew Sullivan
Sidney Thompson
Vernon Waring
Nicole Yurcaba



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Cover Art by Carla Stein


Graffiti Art
by Don Schaeffer
Haigo - Freeing the Artist
by Naomi Beth Wakan
The Byrd's of Victory
by J.R. Campbell

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